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also, before i sleep, this came in from [ profile] asarwate:

it sounds like there's going to be a mass eviction and "cleanup" at the Albany Landfill, starting tomorrow morning and running for the next two weeks. there is a protest planned, starting at 9am.

i will likely go down that way whenever i get up & moving tomorrow. the Albany Landfill is one of my favorite places here, part of what makes me glad to live nearby; the loss of that space and art and community would be a great one.

from the email announcement: "the cops are coming to the Albany Landfill tomorrow, Monday, to kick out the people who live there and initiate a 2-week period of 'cleaning up' the park which will entail the use of heavy machinery, i.e. tractors/bulldozers! it's possible that they will be attacking some of the artwork as well as they have mentioned time and time again that they want it gone and this is the longest cleanup they have scheduled since 1999.

if you enjoy visiting the landfill, if you like it the way it is, if you think the people there are not a blight and should be left alone, if you think there should be public process before any park 'shaping'; either call the city of albany offices
come out tomorrow morning, probably by 9am, and join our protest at the landfill itself. we will film, harass, and try and get info from the cops about what the plans are, who we should talk to, etc. and try and make them feel inhuman for evicting people right before the rainy season starts, and in a town that has no homeless shelter of its own.

come out many days over the next 2 weeks, see what the tractors will be doing, maybe we should have a meeting to discuss what our reaction should be. hopefully the city will be out of money for at least a year, and maybe it's time to launch an alternative plan for the landfill.

mad mark, the person who built the castle, said the other night: "this is the place where dreams come true, whoever would come here to destroy or tell other people what to do is very evil and i want to never come in contact with them." he has lived there for 15 years and he will be avoiding them in order to continue his peaceful lifestyle in peace, let's confront them for his sake and the sake of compassion for people who live outside."

-- contact info for Albany's Mayor, Vice Mayor, & Councilmembers here.
-- archive of stencil art from the Albany Landfill (& elsewhere)
-- photos from the Albany Landfill, article from Bay Nature
-- the documentary about the encampment and art at the Albany Landfill: Bum's Paradise
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