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I'm helping to organize UCSF's conference on domestic violence for healthcare students/professionals this year, and we're looking for more speakers. In particular, we'd like to have someone (or someones!) come present on & lead discussion about domestic violence issues in LGBTQetc communities. As medical students, we get very little training on domestic violence, and this is part of how we make up for that gap...because it's something that all of us will deal with as physicians. The conference is also not just for med students; all of the schools at UCSF are invited, and in the past we've had speakers from a wide range of healthcare/policy/social-work/etc fields.

I know some of y'all know more about this than I do, are more connected, and/or know more people doing work in the field. If you have any ideas, suggestions for speakers, suggestions for organizations to contact for speakers, or just thoughts about what healthcare students need to know about domestic violence...please let me know! Leaving comments here works, or you can contact me via email (first.last (at) gmail, or this username (at) livejournal).

(Also, I don't know exactly how much funding we have, but it's not huge. So we're looking for speakers from around the Bay Area, and if we can offer an honorarium, it's likely to be small. The conference is October 17th. And if you're interested in coming to the conference, I'm pretty sure the registration is open to non-students.)
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