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it's been a pretty rough week or two, but today had many good bits. a few of them:
sleep, strawberries & market-ing, blackberries & plums, spiced sugar cookies & a new book, and lots of raw fish. )

and now, another bite or two of the cookie-pieces, then to bed and sleeping. tomorrow i might go see Boostamonte's show at the Hotel Utah, if anybody's interested in coming with.
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my general cooking philosophy is pretty anarchic (much like my approach to many other things, like sewing, chess, and tennis) -- i start with a general plan, a base recipe or three, and then just go at it with whatever i've got in the kitchen. it often turns out well, and it's always fun.

anyhow. i've got three pies in the oven, so i figured i'd write down some approximate recipes:
stuffing )

sweet potato pie(s) )

...and then i had some extra whipped egg whites, so i added more vanilla cognac, sugar, spices, and cocoa, and stuck it in the oven to make merengue. unfortunately, i also kinda forgot about it, so the proto-merengue cooked for ~45-50 minutes at 350F and is now somewhat more like a big squashy marshmallow. but tasty. i'm curious to see how the sweet potato pies with whipped egg whites come out. perhaps something like a souffle? or just a lighter sort of pie? i have no idea.

i have quality-checked the stuffing, though, and it's just-right. between that and tasting the pie-filling while putting those together, i think it kinda counts as dinner.
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i'm not sure why this only just now occurred to me, but...i have satsumas. and excellent rich ginger-pear-dark chocolate sauce.
i also have three pomegranates, and a slab of bittersweet chocolate.

*really big grin*

it's time for me to get my ass on into the city and do some screenprinting and art with [ profile] emquad, but i think i'm gonna have to sit down with my decadence this evening and visit awhile.


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