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i'm back in the yellow room, up high where the sun reaches in like god's own sharp pointy stick to wake me up in the morning. my body had forgotten the heat, the tangible weight of it here, the way it slows words and walking and waking. i walked back along the road by the harbor this afternoon, watching the egrets in the marsh, the oysters and jewel-green moss, leaning into the river-breeze to lift a little of the weight of the sun. i forgot that people honk or yell out their car windows here, at me. it's...disconcerting.

today i took my Waltzing Matilda to the mechanic, went through all of my frets and worries, pointing out oil-spray and divots on hoses. they say they've looked her over briefly, and will give more thorough attention tomorrow morning. they say it'll be no problem to have her fixed by the end of the week. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

and tonight, the evening quiet, it rained. the sky was a soft, deep red-purple, and wet palmetto fronds shone with cold reflections of streetlight lamps, and the heavy drops fell fast and thick, pushing warm rain-washed air up off the pavement. i was talking to a friend on the phone, so i didn't go out walking in it, but i sat on the porch swing and watched the Charleston rainstorm pass, the sudden torrent with low thunder far off in the distance.

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and now is time for sleeping. tomorrow i'm up early to go to the hospital with my dad. if i remember right, he's got two cases in the morning with a friend who's an ENT doc, and blocks in the afternoon. should be very interesting...
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yesterday i walked down the beach just before sunset. the sea islands rest on the horizon: Deer Island, Ship Island, Horn Island. before the storm, you'd see shrimp trawlers out criss-crossing the Gulf, but now they are very rare. there's one up by the Fort Bayou bridge, a wreck in the marsh, blue nets all tangled in its rigging.

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...a small thought: i'm tempted to take some of these bits of cobalt-blue glass and make something simple from it, a reminder. if any of you more jewelry-making-skilled people are interested, let me know. *laugh* the glass is nothing special, not yet very sand-worn, but it catches my mind.


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