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a small thing, for now: Halloween thoughts and some bits of lovely ghost stories, from Neil Gaiman, in the New York Times today.
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a few links, first.
from [ profile] nacht_musik, who knows how to make me smile:
Kermit the Frog and Sandra Bullock, with another Mahna song...Phenomena! (even better, the phrase "Ik zie allemaal rare beestjes...")

from Zoz:
a series of video clips on/by Tats Cru, with some good footage of the creation of their Big Jimmy memorial mural, and other bits from their time at MIT. (it took me a little while to realize that much of the everybody-sitting-down interview footage was recorded in the housemasters' apartment at Senior Haus. awww, nostalgia.)

and a small note, a bit of thinking, memory and family and stubbornness. my grandfather's been in the hospital for the past few weeks with congestive heart failure. this is a hard thing for me, for all of my family; i don't really have a handle on how to deal with it. but today's news made me smile. )

family is a strange and powerful thing, and i've been very, very lucky.


Sep. 1st, 2006 01:42 am
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i spent the latter half of the day thinking that today was Friday, rather than Thursday, and now it's nearly two in the morning and time to sleep soon, especially if i'm back to needing so much more sleep than normal. more science tomorrow, and maybe my data and my chip will behave properly.

but, since i want to give my brain some brief respite before sleeping so i can finish my cocoa and perhaps not have nightmares about animated meat, a brief movie review: Lunacy, Jan Svankmajer's new film.

Svankmajer introduces it himself with a blasé speech about how it's a horror movie and not art, because art doesn't exist anymore, except as a "sort of trailer for the reflection of Narcissus". and it is a horror movie, and as D. pointed out after the movie, it's got that classic horror-movie trepidation where you know what's going to happen, and that it's going to be bad, and you watch the characters blunder through it anyway. there's a good bit of speechifying that makes a summary of the extremes of philosophy from the past two centuries or so, roughly coming out to "absolute free will/indulgence" vs. "control and punishment" vs. a sort of naive and shallow religious moralism. with, ya know, the Marquis de Sade, Edgar Allen Poe, the French Revolution, a blasphemous orgy, a therapeutic funeral, and stop-motion animated meat. (yes, stop-motion animated meat. go watch the trailer. or don't, if that's not something you want to see, obviously.)

yeah. i think i'm glad i watched it, and i am glad that i saw it in the theater rather than telling myself that i'd rent it later, because i probably wouldn't, and i'd've had a hard time sitting through the whole thing if it was easier to get up and walk out. it was thoroughly disturbing in a number of ways, and there's some interesting bits for thinking-about, and Svankmajer is (as always) really, profoundly strange. i've often had a hard time watching his films, though with Conspirators of Pleasure and perhaps also Faust, it was more because i kept falling asleep. Alice is the only one of his full-length films i've watched all the way through. it's worth, at the very least, watching some of the trailers or movie-clips to see his stop-motion animation, because his talent and skill with that is impressive. (edit: a-ha! YouTube wins again. here's a copy of Svankmajer's short Darkness/Light/Darkness. probably not worksafe, and also involving small bits of animated meat, but mostly just clay, and generally just really neat.)

another and rather more thorough review here: "Lunacy: Svankmajer's political allegory".

mmm, 2am writing. so crunchy. time for sleep.
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a pair of links, from the Haus list & [ profile] tamnonlinear, respectively:

geeky music visual fun
ridiculous equine cuteness (aka OMG PONIES!!)

and lyrics to the song i was just listening to.
"Galuppi Baldasare" (Kris Delmhorst)

..."And the minor third so bitter, the six chord like a sigh,
suspension, solution, asking must we die, must we die must we die?
And the seventh says Well fellas, life might not last, but we can try...

So were you happy? I was happy. You still happy? Yes, and you?
Then more kisses! Why’d we stop them, when a million seemed so few?
There’s something in that music, lord it must be answered to."...
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you should go look at this:
a picture, posted originally to [ profile] urban_decay, of a building on West Franklin St, in Baltimore.
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from [ profile] asarwate, via ergodicity: from Sepia Mutiny, a video clip of a song in the 1981 Tamil film Ellaam Inbamayam, in which there is, indeed, some of the funk. complete with gold-fringed vest and shiny shiny boots.

from [ profile] hammercock, perhaps an even more odd-expression-producing video: Yatta!

from [ profile] tparnell: OMG PONIES!!! on Slashdot.

from [ profile] officialgaiman: the trailer for Terry Gilliam's next movie, Tideland, which looks to be as strange as you'd expect, and with heavy southern accents.
and a very neat zoomable photo of Sydney Harbor.

from [ profile] lastreetart: an interview with Shepard Fairey on the origin of the Andre the Giant/Obey art
...and then i go look at the wikipedia article on Fairey and discover that he's from Charleston. but...i kinda think i knew that, but i don't know why. anyhow. small, small world.


Jul. 15th, 2006 07:09 pm
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i made it to work yesterday for all of two hours, had dinner with [ profile] pumapreysize, and slept for most of the rest of the day. i've now been sick for a month, with two breaks in the plague for the two courses of antibiotics. the sore throat and coughing is (*knock on wood*) mostly gone, my head is only a little stuffy, but the one symptom that's kept up the whole time is this utter lack of energy. most days i've slept 10-12 hours or more, and being up and moving for more than a few hours leaves me completely exhausted.

so, thursday afternoon, i decided to just let myself sleep and rest as much as possible through the weekend, to see if maybe, hopefully, that'd do the trick. friday i went to work and out for a short while, but otherwise -- sleep and reading. today, mostly unconscious. i'm skipping out on all kinds of interesting things going on this evening, just going to stop by to say hello & happy birthday to [ profile] vrfranco, go get myself a few more books, and put myself back to bed. i'm sad and disappointed to be missing all the exciting bits, but both times when i started feeling better before and dropped back into my usual schedule, the plague came right back, and hard. so...grumbling and bored (and still, somehow, tired), i am trying to take proper care of myself.

anyhow. the interesting bits, then. if you're not sick, this is what you should be out doing tonight:
. The Crucible's Fire Arts Festival! With the Extra Action Marching Band playing, and if you can find it, there's a "For the Ladies" stripshow featuring some of the fire artists and Extra Action folks.

. there's a Bay Area Derby Girls bout between the Alcatraz Escapees and the Treasure Island Gold Diggers. at the Oakland Dry Ice Rink, down by the coliseum.

. Gram Rabbit is playing at the Ivy Room, in Albany. they sound interesting, and apparently sometimes they give out pairs of rabbit-ears for the audience to wear.

. Thai brunch! (actually...if anyone feels like coming out for Thai brunch, i might be up for that. haven't had mango & sticky-rice for awhile. call or email or leave a comment, if you're interested.)

. the Stern Grove Festival concert tomorrow is hawaiian music and hula dancing, and free!
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from [ profile] asarwate, a George Saunders column in the New Yorker. he's the fellow who wrote CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, along with several other very strange and sometimes disturbing books. about halfway through the column, he takes a moment to bitch about music-these-days, and quotes some lyrics...and i laughed out loud, because i swear i heard exactly that song on the mostly-decent mostly-spanish-language radio station playing in the car on the road to El Paso. it was...awful. really.

from woz, it's...Cowboys on Ice.

from MIT, the Caltech cannon hack. along with many bikini-clad geekgirls.

from [ profile] violin, beautiful wooden kinetic sculptures. ones i particularly like are the Variations pieces, especially Variations-Stars, and Phoenix.

also from [ profile] violin, ridiculously cute (if a bit weirdly squishy and pink) baby hedgehogs!

from [ profile] nacht_musik, gorgeous russian street theatre with fire. also, BZZZZT!!
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from [ profile] vrfranco: the trailer for Brokeback to the Future. "It was an experiment in time...but the one variable they forgot was love." hee!

politics, from [ profile] rjmwell: more notes on wiretapping, along with the transcript of Gen. Michael Hayden's address to the National Press Club.

from the Majikthise blog: "At a public appearance, Bush's pointman in the Office of National Intelligence was asked if the NSA was wiretapping Bush's political enemies. When Hayden dodged the question, the questioner repeated, "No, I asked, are you targeting us and people who politically oppose the Bush government, the Bush administration? Not a fishing net, but are you targeting specifically political opponents of the Bush administration?" Hayden looked at the questioner, and after a silence called on a different questioner."

(this link includes the Q&A section of the address, plus a mini-interview with the questioner referenced above; also video & audio of the address.)

on a lighter note, also via [ profile] rjmwell: Serenity, as told by muppets. *snerk* *giggle* (warning: contains spoilers.)

and from [ profile] simplykimberly: incredibly well-done tiny-people art. the "mowing kiwis" one is probably still my favorite, but then the site opens with the question "Who hasn't dreamed of driving into a chocolate mousse...?" it makes me feel better about the world that someone makes art like this.

and, unfortunately, it's just about bedtime for me again. dammit. stupid mornings.
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the house is clean again, mostly. the stag-print is hung up on the wall again, and looks much better there than propped on the couch. i don't have a nasty hangover, have remembered to eat breakfast but not yet lunch or dinner, and haven't entirely forgotten about my laundry. a slow, good day, but i could really use another 6 or 7 hours of solid productivity before i sleep. oh well.

neat things:
there's an article in this month's Science about using ice formation in a relatively simple process to fabricate complex inorganic/organic composites similar to nacre or bone. bits like that are why i think materials science is so damn cool.

cuteness, from [ profile] violin:
baby otter! it looks like a tiny, fuzzy, grumpy old man. hee!
ridiculously cute baby otter!

and also, behind the cut, a baby sloth. it makes me involuntarily do the "awww cute" face. baby sloth at the beach. )

one of the finest compliments i've been given in a long time, also from [ profile] violin:
"When you throw a party, it sounds like 12 hours in God's own Waffle House."
(...where God's own Waffle House has mimosas and liquor and dancing and pool, and a suave man in a fedora putting the music on the near-infinite jukebox...)

*smile* yesterday was a fine, fine day.
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for boston people: Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum are playing at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington tomorrow (Saturday 1/7). i enjoyed their show when they played in berkeley...

from [ profile] vrfranco: Mooning ruled an official form of comunication.

mashups: Jay-Zeezer. heh.

from [ profile] violin, with laughter: WAFFLE POWERS!

off the Haus list: Choose Life / Sport Death. sweet. now i want a Sport Death license plate.

from [ profile] violin again: my lab gets a brief mention in Popular Mechanics as one of the "tech concepts to know in 2006". weird, but cool.

from my lab: a neat little article on DNA computing.

an article on FB, from the Weekly Dig a little while ago, which is more even-handed and less grossly inaccurate than the Globe/Herald/etc articles from earlier.

from the news:no cell phone privacy
peeto's new band.
an odd little webcomic, from the florey list.
from [ profile] asarwate:'Begging the question,' as explained by dinosaurs.
from [ profile] violin:horse adopts kitten, cuteness ensues.

and a couple others that i think i've posted before:
voodoo kitchen gadgets and
DIY auto repair
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from the Haus list, for people-in-boston:
the Bazaar Bizarre, whose website hurts my eyes but it looks possibly interesting nonetheless.

"High Water Radio", a show from the SF Pickle Circus.

also perhaps the Dickens Fair, and definitely One Last Party at Pele's Pirate Pussy Palace.
(i do, in fact, find it weird that googling for a friend's house gets me something like five or six links to announcements about this party. given the house, i have a feeling it's going to be huge and thoroughly insane. i'm looking forward to it.)

is there anything that i'm forgetting?

edit: yes, there is.
for anyone in LA over new year's, Rosin Coven (whose top hats i covet enormously) is performing at something called Cirk-O-Six, at the Los Angeles Theater.

they're also playing the Sixth Annual Edwardian Ball: The Gilded Bat on January 21st, at the Great American Music Hall, which will be a gorgeous venue for that event. unfortunately, i think that's also the day that megan and i were planning to have our next party...argh! might have to reschedule.
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from [ profile] asarwate, who reminds me every few months to go catch up on Bob: Narnia!
and 'We are not abandoning America to GIANT SPIDERS!!'

from [ profile] deedeebythebay:
Bem Sex Role Inventory Test
...not particularly surprising. )


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