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for boston people: Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum are playing at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington tomorrow (Saturday 1/7). i enjoyed their show when they played in berkeley...

from [ profile] vrfranco: Mooning ruled an official form of comunication.

mashups: Jay-Zeezer. heh.

from [ profile] violin, with laughter: WAFFLE POWERS!

off the Haus list: Choose Life / Sport Death. sweet. now i want a Sport Death license plate.

from [ profile] violin again: my lab gets a brief mention in Popular Mechanics as one of the "tech concepts to know in 2006". weird, but cool.

from my lab: a neat little article on DNA computing.

an article on FB, from the Weekly Dig a little while ago, which is more even-handed and less grossly inaccurate than the Globe/Herald/etc articles from earlier.

from the news:no cell phone privacy
peeto's new band.
an odd little webcomic, from the florey list.
from [ profile] asarwate:'Begging the question,' as explained by dinosaurs.
from [ profile] violin:horse adopts kitten, cuteness ensues.

and a couple others that i think i've posted before:
voodoo kitchen gadgets and
DIY auto repair
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1. you know what's really nice about having a big tall gas heater in my living room? i can turn it on and sit right next to it, and it's kinda like being in a sauna. now i am toasty toasty warm. (can you tell i'm not excited about this whole 'winter' thing?)

2. went to the gym today and worked out for an hour or so with [ profile] fyfer. i'd been telling myself that two weeks off wouldn't make that much difference, but it did. i got tired fast and couldn't do as much weight. body geeking )

3. because i am Very Clever, i left the gym and took the bus straight to the grocery store. and bought lots of heavy food. very heavy food. (well, and drink. the gallon of soymilk and half-gallon of applejuice and heavy glass bottle of cognac counted for quite a bit of weight.) very heavy food which i then (because i'm clever) had to carry all the way home. down the hill and up the hill and down the hill and up the hill again. ouch. *sigh*

4. but also, i remembered to go vote today. *grumble* ridiculous special election *grumble*. for the interested, live election results are here. the maps (on the results page) are also interesting.

5. i'm planning on going to Writers with Drinks this Saturday, and will hopefully manage to get there less than two hours late this time. y'all should come.

6. it's been too long since i made time for doing creative things. i am declaring this Sunday to be Chill Downtime And Art Day. anybody want to come hang out and make stuff?
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. gym with [ profile] fyfer, tomorrow
. potluck/dinner party on thursday, maybe
. Fruit is playing a short show in San Rafael at 6pm this thursday. i'm pretty sure i can't make it, but they look interesting.
. on friday, Jethro Tull plays at the Paramount (but i'm not going because the cheap tickets are $55), King Cobra plays at the Hemlock, and Harvest, a play which [ profile] asarwate described as a 'dark comedy about organ harvesting in India' (and he should know, 'cause he's in it) opens at the Durham Studio Theater, Dwinelle Hall, on Berkeley campus. i'll probably go to one of the latter two shows.
. saturday there's a clothing swap and also Writers with Drinks, at which Peter S. Beagle (along with several others) will be reading/speaking
. and then on sunday i want to make time for doing art or making things. but possibly i will just sleep, instead, or have hot chocolate with little marshmallows or coffee ice cream in it.

also, so that i don't lose track of it:
Serenity fanfic, from [ profile] coraline. contains spoilers.


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