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iridium ([personal profile] iridium) wrote2009-06-11 08:36 am

Signal-boosting: LGBTQ Health Care Fairness Survey

From the Director of UCSF's LGBT Resource Center:
"The UCSF LGBT Resource Center has partnered with Lambda Legal and other groups to survey as many LGBT people as possible about their health care needs and experiences--as you know, securing knowledgeable, sensitive care for LGBT people is a big part of the LGBT Center’s work!
So I’m writing to ask if you would take 5-10 minutes to fill out this national Health Care Fairness Survey: (English) (Spanish)

We especially need to hear from people of color, transgender people, seniors, youth (18 and older) and other members of our communities who are often underrepresented—so please don’t hesitate to send word of the survey far and wide. The results will do a great deal to advance our advocacy for equitable, competent health care—thanks so much for being part of this important work!"

From Lambda Legal:
"As a part of our health care fairness campaign, Lambda Legal is conducting a national survey to document the unique health care experiences and needs of LGBT people and people living with HIV. We will then use this information to educate politicians and other decision makers about the specific problems health care reform must address."

From me:
It's not perfect, but it's much better than many LGBT/etc surveys I've seen, and it asks important questions. Also note that they're looking for data from people living with HIV (LGBT or no) as well as LGBTQ folks generally. Please take the survey if applicable, and forward it on as much as possible. There's a lot of change that needs to be made, and gathering good data is essential.